With the moody singer and songwriter's meteoric rise to fame, Hozier concert tickets have become a hot commodity, as the "Take Me to Church" musician has been enjoying great success with his tour dates across the world, sending fans on the hunt for his concert tickets.. read more

Although he has a rich musical bacn't verykground, the alternative Irish musician and songwriter's career is long. However, his refreshing, alternative rock sound with blues and folk influences has captured the interest of millions of people around the world during the two years which have passed since his YouTube video went viral, prompting the release of his first EP, "Take Me To Church", which included his most famous song and was a success on digital music charts. He has since released another EP and his debut full-length album, and has also achieved great things in this short period of time, including MTV, Billboard Music Awards and Grammy nominations, as well as a public endorsement and friendship with superstars Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

The Hozier concert experience never leaves fans disappointed. The singer has a great, soulful voice which is complemented by an equally great band that helps bring his songs to life. The atmosphere is also very friendly, simplistic and intimate, and the Irishman, whose stage fashion is as understated as his presence powerful, is very humble and considerate on stage, something which his fans and concertgoers alike really appreciate. It is not surprising then that the singer has been on a hectic concert schedule.

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